The best ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ moments

Screengrab via YouTube.

Ever since its 2020 debut, The Drew Barrymore Show has become one of our favorite daytime talk shows. Drew Barrymore has been a fixture in media since she was a child star and later as an actor in iconic films like Charlie’s Angels and Scream. Now she’s proven to be an outstanding talk show host, masterfully juggling vulnerability with humor and making some of the best moments we’ve seen on daytime TV.

Talk shows have a way of feeling manufactured, but Barrymore has a way of making her show feel authentic, if not a bit chaotic. The Santa Clarita Diet star will jump between happily joking with her guests to tearfully sharing insight on her childhood and this sincerity has made the show an endearing favorite for talk show viewers.

To celebrate the show’s continued success, here are some of the best moments from The Drew Barrymore Show.

Charlie’s Angels reunion

To kick off her first episode, Barrymore invited former Charlie’s Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. It’s a fun, nostalgic way to introduce the lively tone of the show, and we love watching the friends catch up. Even with pandemic restrictions (the women all sit in chairs at least 6 feet apart), they create a cozy atmosphere and reminisce about their 20-year-long friendship. New Charlie movie soon? Yes, please.

Chloe Fineman and her Drew impression

She invited Chloe Fineman on to the show to talk about her viral Saturday Night Live impression of Barrymore herself. It’s a cute moment between the two women, and Barrymore compliments Fineman’s commitment and asks her about her process. The interview ends with Fineman doing her impression and laughing with Barrymore. This was a much-needed light laugh during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keanu Reeves and his motorcycle

When Keanu Reeves came on the show, he talked about his wholesome reasons for getting into acting. He decided to become an actor because of his love of playing pretend and sharing stories, but this great interview isn’t the only reason this is one of the best moments on the show. When Barrymore saw Reeves, she shared a cute memory between the them. While celebrating her 16th birthday, Reeves offered the birthday girl a ride on his motorcycle. Barrymore said that this was “the ride of my life. I was such a free human being.”

Drew takes us on a tour of her life

A big part of The Drew Barrymore Show‘s appeal is how vulnerable and sincere she is, and scenes like this showcase that vulnerability. The actor famously had a rough adolescence, and being open about her life this publicly cannot be easy. In this documentary-style segment, Barrymore talked about what was going through her head during those periods of her life. She showed us why she is so good at relating to others on an emotional level. This is hard to watch and could easily have ended on a sad note, but Barrymore leaves on a distinctly positive vibe.

Drew and Jennette McCurdy bond over complicated trauma

Jennette McCurdy, a former child star and author of the book, I’m Glad My Mom Died, stopped by the show and had a genuine conversation with Barrymore about their relationships with their mothers. This interview is very honest and raw about a difficult topic, and the two women handled it with grace and humor. Barrymore is a masterful host here. She found a way to relate to McCurdy without dominating the conversation and allowing the author to share her story comfortably.

First season bloopers

On an episode about being “extra,” Barrymore shared this hilarious compilation of bloopers from the show’s first season. Viewers can watch the actor fumble lines, have mishaps with animals, and eat one disgusting sandwich. While moments like these traditionally have to be edited out, we appreciate getting to see the fun chaos behind the scenes.

Eddie Murphy chats about ‘Saturday Night Live’

In this cute interview, the two actors chat about their first meeting on Saturday Night Live. Eddie Murphy doesn’t remember their shared E.T sketch, but he does remember meeting Barrymore on the show, describing her as a “little baby.” Murphy goes on to talk about how his spirituality helped him navigate the notoriously tough industry and stressed the importance of self-love.

Steven Spielberg appears in special episode

In an incredibly touching appearance, Steven Spielberg surprised Barrymore in a special birthday episode. The E.T actor says that Spielberg was “the first person who cared about me,” and they showcased their cute dynamic on this show. Spielberg has a father-like relationship with Barrymore and shared memories about the birthday girl as a child and hilariously talked about his reaction to her famous Playboy photoshoot.