‘The Boys’ has a dig at Wonder Woman on Twitter

seth rogen the boys
Sony Pictures Television / Amazon Studios

The marketing machine for third season of The Boys continues to build up speed as we inch closer to the June 3 release date. The latest piece of promo content brings back a fan-favorite antagonist, taking yet another jab at the character that inspired the antagonist in the first place.

After poking fun at Taika Waititi for not releasing the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer and trolling Batman films with character posters, the official Twitter account for The Boys is now digging at Wonder Woman by sharing a promo still from Queen Maeve (played by Dominique McElligott) with a caption that reads: “Nothing against lassos, but this season requires a f*cking sword.”

From Homelander’s love interest to reluctant anti-hero, Maeve has undergone one hell of a character journey in The Boys. Now, with the arrival of season three, it remains to be seen if she’ll continue down that path and redeem her past mistakes or succumb Vought’s intimidation and choose to save her own skin.

The first trailer for season three promises an outing wilder than anything we’ve seen in this universe so far. The story reprises Billy Butcher, apparently struggling with superpowers of his own now, along with the rest of the popular ensemble, including Hughie, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko.

What sort of shenanigans these characters will get up to and how they’ll butt heads again with the Seven is anyone’s guess, but Karl Urban has confirmed that season four is starting production before the end of 2022, so don’t go in expecting a conclusive resolution to the story when the series returns to Prime Video on June 3.