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‘The Boys’ star celebrates the start of shooting on season 4

Season four is officially underway.

the boys homelander
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The most recent season of Amazon Prime’s The Boys ended recently with a major shift in store for the main cast.

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for season three of The Boys.

Antony Starr’s devastatingly capable Homelander polished the season off by introducing his young son, Ryan, to his adoring masses. In the final moments of the action-packed season, Homelander took the first step toward revealing his true, violent tendencies to his followers, and the response was far from expected. The season concluded with Homelander’s first publicly witnessed murder, and his followers ate up every minute of it. Season three wrapped with clear-cut confirmation that Homelander can murder one of his own in front of hundreds of witnesses, to literal applause. It sets the stage for a truly insane season four.

Hype was high by the time the July 8 finale concluded, but fans now have months to wait before they’ll get even a glimpse of what is to follow. Thankfully, Starr is keeping excitement alive via his posts to social media, where he keeps his followers in the loop. Starr recently celebrated the initiation of season four filming via his Instagram, where he shared a collection of charming snapshots. None of them reveal any details about the direction season four will take, but they’re delighting fans none-the-less.

The majority of the included images appear to come from seasons one and two, and show the cast of the popular, gory series posing and taking part in various scenes. A few of the shots include long-dead characters like Translucent and Madelyn Stillwell and showcase the long journey the show’s cast has already been on.

In a caption accompanying the post, Starr celebrated that, following years of hard work and broad acclaim, the show is officially headed into its fourth season. Scattering exceedingly un-Homelander-like phrases like “holy cow juice” through the post, Starr celebrated the “long way we’ve come” despite the world going “insane through the middle of it” and expresses gratitude “to be part of this team and to you fans for your support.”

The brief post was exactly what fans needed to keep hype alive, if the comment section is any indication. The post is absolutely littered with delighted responses from fans, many of whom heap praise on Starr’s incredible performance in the series thus far. Even the official account for Amazon Prime chimed in, noting that the “bright green Translucent” who makes an appearance in the first image will “always be in our hearts.”

Seasons of The Boys typically drop in the late summer or early fall, so fans can expect more superhero action to arrive on Prime between June and September of 2023.