The cutest Water Pokémon, ranked

Water Pokémon, one of the starter types, abound in cuteness. But we've made tough calls and pared it down to the ten more adorable.

From classic Pokémon to the newest ones from the Galar region, fresh Pokémon are added every few years. One of the most popular types is Water Pokémon. Whether it’s an evolution or a base Pokémon, there are plenty to choose from, which made this list extremely hard to narrow down to only ten.

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Considering Water type Pokémon are always part of the starter trio for players to choose from, it only makes sense that there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to cuteness. From mainstays like Squirtle to newer choices like Sobble, we could make a list full of only Water type starters. However, there are many other Water types that made this list of all things adorable.

10. Dewpider

Dewpider is a dual type Water and Bug Pokémon. Its most notable appearance was in the Sun & Moon anime when it fell in love with Lana, a Water type trainer who had a bubble over her head similar to that of Dewpider’s. So, of course, Dewpider tried to find a watery home close to the human it was so infatuated with!

Even though there aren’t many cute Bug types, it seems Dewpider’s dual status saved it. The cute water bubble on its head, how tiny it is, and somehow even the spider legs are cute!? Dewpider is one of those Pokémon that are weirdly cute no matter how hard some may try refute it. It simply can’t be helped!

9. Vaporeon

Eevee’s evolutions, or eeveelutions as fans call them, have always held a special place in everyone’s hearts. Almost all of them are adorable in their own way and their designs are similar enough to Eevee that you can tell that’s where they came from. Vaporeon is the Water type evolution, and one of the cutest things about it is its mermaid-like tail. It really brings home the fact that it’s a Water type along with its fins around its face.

As part of Pokémon’s first generation, Vaporeon is a classic Water type that fans have loved since the very beginning. We saw its first appearance in The Battling Eevee Brothers as one of three options for Eevee to evolve into. Most recently, in the Sun & Moon series, it saved Ash from a river. Vaporeon has many shining moments, one of those just happens to be its cuteness.

8. Sobble

One of the Galar regions starter Pokémon, Sobble is a crybaby that turns invisible when it’s sad or scared. We’ve seen this in the anime multiple times ever since Goh first encountered it in Pokémon Journeys. It’s an anxious and shy Pokémon and has baby-like qualities that just make you wanna give it a hug! It has a rather simple design when compared to some of the other starter Pokémon, but its big eyes are just so alluring that you can’t help but see the cuteness!

Based on a lizard of sorts, Sobble has a curled up tail that we rarely see come undone. Plus, its hands and feet just being small lines are somehow cute as well. What makes this Pokémon so adorable is its timid personality and the fact that its very baby-like.

7. Horsea

Another generation I Pokémon is the seahorse Pokémon, Horsea. In the anime, it’s most notable as one of Misty’s Pokémon. However, we don’t see much of its personality despite it being a part of a main character’s team. As for Horsea’s design, it’s easy to tell which animal the concept is based on. Sometimes that can be lazy, in a Pokémon design, but this time it worked really well.

With its curled up tail and chubby body, Horsea is so cute and teeny. It looks just like a seahorse, which is a cute animal all on its own, but when given slight upgrades to the design, it makes it even cuter! Plus, its mouth is the icing on the cake, for some reason its tiny horn mouth really makes the design and makes Horsea adorable.

6. Corsola

Corsola is another of Misty’s Pokémon. Based on coral and reefs, Corsola has a unique design that is just so simple and adorable. You can obviously tell what it’s based on by the parts coming out of its body, but just because a design is simple doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad.

Corsola’s color scheme and small facial features are also part of the reason it made the list. Look at its smile and how happy it looks! It’s a simple Pokémon that has a cute and easy design — nothing too complicated and that’s what makes it work so well.

5. Mudkip

We couldn’t have the cutest Water type Pokémon without mentioning Mudkip! Mudkip was introduced in Gen III as the Water type starter alongside Treecko (grass) and Torchic (fire). In the anime, Brock eventually catches a wild Mudkip and adds it to his team so each of the main party has one of Hoenn’s starter Pokémon.

Mudkip is said to be based on the mudskipper as well as, possibly, an axolotl. This makes Mudkip the second Water type starter to be based on an amphibian, the first being Squirtle of course. With its cheek pouches and tail, its obvious Mudkip is made for the water. Its both cute and powerful which makes it a great choice for this list!

4. Piplup

Piplup is another partner Pokémon we got to see a lot as Dawn’s partner in the Diamond and Pearl series. It was hard-headed, loyal, and protective — not to mention adorable. Much like Ash’s Pikachu, Piplup had no interest in evolving or living life in its Pokéball, so viewers usually saw it outside in Dawn’s arms. Because of Piplup’s personality, it was always good for a laugh when it tried to protect the main group but either failed miserably or simply got scared.

Based on a penguin, Piplup also has some bonus points for being designed after an already cute animal. Who doesn’t like penguins? With its little tiny yellow feet and beak, Piplup is so similar to the real life animal it’s hard not to just wanna squeeze it!

3. Frillish

Frillish is a Water and Ghost dual-type Pokémon. It has both a male and female form, however the female form is the one that made the cutest Pokémon list. Its design is relatively simple, but its still effective in being both cute and practical for its types. Frillish almost looks like a ghost with the way it hovers instead of standing, but because of its color scheme and dainty details, its not ghost-like in a scary way.

The eyelash/eyeliner part of its eyes are a nice touch to make it seem girlier, but what’s really nice is all of the rounded ruffles on Frillish’s edges. It’s a nice design choice and makes it stand out due to both its color and smaller details when among other Water Pokémon. Frillish’s big and round head is also adorable. It looks like something was designed to mimic hair of some sort, but it goes along with the ruffles around its neck.

2. Popplio

There really are so many Water type Pokémon to choose from, and a big majority of them are pretty adorable. Popplio, though, was one that easily made top three! Starter Pokémon have sort of an edge on others because we see a lot of them in both games and the anime, and Popplio has that edge plus the fact it’s based off of one of the cutest animals ever; a seal!

Not only is Popplio adorable in its own right, but its evolution chain is one of the best designed and prettiest in recent years. In the anime we see Popplio as Lana’s partner Pokémon and it’s as excitable and lively as you’d expect! From clapping its fins together to the cute seal barking it does, it’s a great design of a cute and effective Pokémon!

1. Manaphy

And at the top is the mythical Pokémon, Manaphy! There are many different reasons that Manaphy is the cutest Water type Pokémon, but a lot of them come from the fact that it had its own movie that let us see its cute personality as it interacted with fan-favorite characters. In Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, we see Manaphy grow from an egg into a full-fledged prince of the sea after being raised by May.

It has baby-ish tendencies after it has just been born, and we even see it speak its first few words, which is so out of the ordinary for Pokémon. From its antennas that glow to its eyelashes, Manaphy is completely adorable! Its design is simple enough, but the color scheme really works for a Pokémon who is considered royalty in the sea.

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