The Delayed Episode Of Marvel’s What If…? Will Be Pure Comedy

When Marvel’s What If…? was first announced for Disney Plus, the first season was scheduled to run for ten episodes. However, the effects of the pandemic and the desire to have the series launch on time this summer saw one installment pulled, and it’ll now form part of Season 2’s lineup instead.

The studio aren’t revealing what the missing adventure is, so as not to spoil the surprise or give the game away ahead of time, but now we know it’ll be the most heavily comedic episode of What If…? to date. In a new interview with Deadline’s Hero Nation, creator and lead writer A.C. Bradley revealed that it’ll make “What If… Thor Were an Only Child?” look like a somber drama by comparison.

“We did have another comedy episode in the season, more in the pure comedy vein, which is the one that has been pushed to Season 2 due to COVID production issues.”

Last week’s episode was the most light-hearted yet, with Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson taking a trip to Midgard to throw a party the likes of which the Nine Realms had ever seen. It acted as an entertaining counterpoint to the emotionally heavy “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” and the horror-tinged “What If… Zombies?!”, continuing the theme of each mini-movie being as unpredictable as it is exciting. What If…? has been a much-welcome addition to the MCU, and it’s comfortably got the potential to run for many years on streaming.