Marvel Celebrates What If…?’s Unexpected Wedding

Throughout its run so far, Marvel’s What If…? has more than lived up to its promise of exploring familiar events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but from a markedly unique angle. Each installment has taken some wild, weird and wonderful detours, and this week’s effort marked a shift into full-blown comedic territory.

“What If… Thor Were an Only Child?” was a riot from start to finish, imagining Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder coming to Earth for no other reason than to stage the biggest party the Nine Realms had ever seen. There were cameos aplenty as everyone from Korg and the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Grandmaster and Loki as a Frost Giant showed face.

It was some crazy sh*t, to put it lightly, and that’s without even mentioning Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis tying the knot with Seth Green’s Howard the Duck. As you can see below, Marvel have now decided to formally celebrate the most unexpected of nuptials on social media.

With Darcy having made her live-action return in WandaVision, fans will be hoping to see the bizarre wedding recreated in live-action, because only the MCU could get audiences invested in seeing a scientist marry an anthropomorphized duck more than once. Marvel’s What If…? continues to deliver the unexpected, even for a show where literally anything is possible, and long may it continue.