The Exorcist And Lethal Weapon TV Series Secure Full Seasons At Fox


Hollywood’s seemingly insatiable rush for movie-inspired TV series continues today, with Fox officially handing out full season orders to the small-screen remakes of The Exorcist and Lethal Weapon.

Thrusting both projects into the network’s fall 2016-2017 slate, they’ll now be joining fellow dramas A.P.B. and Pitch, along with comedies Making History and The Mick making for six new properties in total.

Based on William Blatty’s seminal horror novel, The Exorcist will be directed by Rupert Wyatt – taking a break from big-budget affair following his turn in the Apes franchise – and penned by Jeremy Slater. Billed as a total reimagining of the 1973 classic, Fox’s TV series takes place “more than four decades after the movie, and returns in series format as a propulsive psychological thriller following two very different priests tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession.” Geena Davis is currently attached to star.

On the other hand, Riggs and Murtaugh will soon light up the small-screen in McG’s serialized rendition of Lethal Weapon. Drafting in Clayne Crawford (Riggs) and Damon Wayans Sr. (Murtaugh) as the endearing buddy cop duo, Fast and Furious stalwart Jordana Brewster has also been cast as Dr. Maureen “Mo” Cahill. Featuring a script by Matt Miller, the series will feature a modern-day setting, with executive producers Dan Lin, Jennifer Gwartz and McG – on board to direct the pilot – steering the project to the starting line.

So, there you have it. Both The Exorcist and Lethal Weapon have secured full season orders at Fox. But will the duo fare better than their movie-inspired peers?