The Office: Top 10 Cold Opens

the office cast

A cold open is the opening of a show usually before it hits the title sequence. When it comes to The Office, the cold opens are usually nothing short of excellent. Sometimes it’s related to the plot of the whole episode. Other times it’s just random shenanigans that we end up loving.

There’s really nothing specific that makes a cold open great. The goal of every cold open is to make sure you stick through for the rest of the episode, and if it can do that, then it’s a winner. Either it’s through random comedy, or something dramatic, or even a mixture of both.

With The Office ending this week, we’ve decided to celebrate its many brilliant cold opens. It’s a staple of most TV shows, but The Office has made it sort of its own thing. Sometimes, it’s even the best part of the episode.

A lot of times the cold opens feature pranks, especially between Jim and Dwight. Considering that I’ve already compiled a list of the best pranks of the show, I’ve decided not to include them in this list. Besides, if there’s one thing this list proves, it’s that a cold open for this show doesn’t need a prank to be brilliant.

With that, we present to your our top 10 cold opens from The Office. I hope you enjoy reliving them as we head towards the series finale.

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