This Anime Is In Netflix’s Top 10 Today

Netflix has a massive roster of content and amongst that is something for everyone, even anime fans. Despite the constant addition of new content to the streaming platform, one anime has slowly climbed its way back into the top ten on the platform.

The Netflix-distributed anime The Seven Deadly Sins is currently sitting in the top ten shows on the platform thanks to the introduction of new episodes to the streaming service.

The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime adaption of the manga series of the same name. The show follows Princess Elizabeth who seeks out the help of a band of knights called the Seven Deadly Sins to liberate Liones from the Holy Knights.

Netflix acquired the exclusive streaming rights to the series back when it was airing its very first season and has retained these rights throughout the entire run of the show.

Now fans can watch all five seasons of the show on the platform with the latest season Dragon’s Judgement concluding the story completely. There are 100 episodes of the show to binge through if you’re yet to check out the show or can simply rewatch the adventure from beginning to end if you’re already familiar.

If you’re an anime fan that hasn’t yet checked out the show make sure you do so as it is one of the best anime gems on Netflix right now.