This New Netflix Anime Is Giving Fans Major Feels

Late last week, Netflix added its first weekly airing anime series produced by the streaming platform called Blue Period. The show is a fresh take drastically different from other anime series Netflix has been a part of in the past and fans seem to be loving it.

The show follows a high school student dealing with “inner emptiness and frustrations” before trying his hand at painting diving into the world of art thanks to inspiration from a painting. With the first episode of this adaption of Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s manga airing fans took to social media airing their thoughts.

Even before joining Netflix, the Blue Period manga was beloved by many and boasted its own dedicated fan base able to connect to its unique narrative and storytelling. Netflix is set to air episodes of the anime adaption each week through the end of the series and they will join the streaming service for users around the globe just days after airing in Japan.

Currently, there is only a single episode on the service to watch so there has been no better time to get in on the action and follow the show as it unfolds over the coming months.