Titans Could Already Be Renewed For Season 4


In spite of an initial teaser that raised eyebrows over its effort to be the edgy version of the DC universe, Titans has developed into one of the strongest superhero shows of the present television landscape. The currently airing third season has certainly expanded the scope of the production, bringing in familiar characters and classic plotlines from the comics, and we’re now getting hints that HBO Max want another run of episodes.

According to insider Grace Randolph on Twitter, the streamer is very happy with how Titans is doing with audiences, and there should be an announcement coming soon over its future. It’s easy to guess, then, that this news will be that the series is getting a renewal for at least another year, as WB commit to their already crowded collection of properties based on DC’s library. Here’s what Randolph had to say:

If true, the decision makes sense in the context of the solid performance of the series this summer, and arguably represents less of a risk than this time last September when there were rumors that HBO Max had ordered a fourth year for the cast ad crew. What is less clear, however, is the company’s position on spinning out Titans, with various projects having been banded around during the COVID-19-enforced industry shutdown and into 2021.

The current set of Titans storylines have provided a different take on Jason Todd’s transformation into Red Hood, which has been well-explored by the animated movie Batman Under the Red Hood. In addition, the show has introduced a lot more faces from Gotham City, including Barbara Gordon and Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a The Scarecrow, all while keeping Bruce Wayne and Batman as a largely supporting figure with some more troubling psychological flaws than other versions of the Dark Knight. You can find Titans seasons 1-3 on HBO Max now.