Titans Set Photo Reveals First Look At Starfire


Even though we still don’t have a concrete premiere date for the live action Titans series that’s set to premiere sometime this year on WB’s DC-focused digital streaming service, interest in the show is heating up since it now feels like it’s within reaching distance. As such, we’re getting a better idea of what to expect now that things are taking shape.

In all honesty, I’m looking forward to this new venture with a sense of optimism because not only are DC’s premier gang of adolescent heroes long overdue for making the leap to the live action realm, but also because Dick Grayson hasn’t been seen outside of comics or animation since 1997’s Batman & Robin – and, boy (Wonder), is he ever in need of some redemption.

So, while Robin himself is looking pretty sharp in his superhero costume, the same can’t exactly be said for his teammates. In reveals that have already proven divisive, I can’t help but think the lead characters are looking more like models for a Hot Topic Titans-themed clothing line and less like their comic book counterparts.

Already, we’ve had an underwhelming image of Beast Boy and Raven (also seen in the gallery below), and now, we have our first candid look at Anna Diop’s Starfire thanks to a Teen Titans fan page over on Twitter. Again, this would be fine if someone were going to the club adopting an “inspired by” look, but it’s all just a little off-putting in a world where costuming departments have achieved such wonders.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the costume that Koriand’r will don when she’s kicking butt in the field, though the familiar color scheme is on display. Then again, the filmmakers aren’t exactly inspiring much confidence right now. And if indeed Jason Todd shows up at some point, my gut tells me we shouldn’t expect him to be the badass that would normally spring to mind.

Tell us, Titans fans, do you dig the looks seen in the gallery up above? Or do you think the creative minds behind the series need to head back to the drawing board? Let us know in the usual place below!

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