Titans Star Confirms Conor Leslie As Wonder Girl


Though the upcoming Titans series may contain a few oddballs such as Hawk and Dove, it can at least lay claim to featuring quintessential team members such as RobinBeast Boy, Raven and Starfire. But as the show continues to grow, it only makes sense that the producers add more characters from the comic books to the mix.

Already, we’ve learned that cult favorites like Jason Todd and (most likely) Superboy will be putting in appearances as well, and it seems as if the much buzzed about show really isn’t shying away from mining the source material.

In this instance, we’re talking about Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl. To this point, there’d been rumors swirling that she’d be showing up, though there wasn’t really anything concrete to offer. Fortunately, Minka Kelly, who’s playing the aforementioned Dove, let the cat out of the bag with this image taken from a recent Instagram story of hers.

As you can see, Kelly is pictured with co-stars Anna Diop (Starfire) and Conor Leslie, the latter of which we now know to be Wonder Girl. It certainly helps matters when you consider that each actress is accompanied by a picture of their respective comic book counterparts, so there’s not much grey area here.

Now, what makes this a pretty big deal is that Donna Troy hasn’t had much mainstream exposure to speak of outside of comics, so we’re all for her inclusion in this production. Having been synonymous with some of the classic Teen Titans lineups – as well as part of the Justice League right before the New 52 launched – it’s downright baffling as to why she so often’s forced to watch from the sidelines. But at least the tide is now turning in her favor.

Titans premieres later this year on the DC Universe streaming service.

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