Tom Hiddleston Addresses Whether Loki Could Get A Love Interest In The MCU


Loki has done practically everything across his ten-year journey in the MCU so far. He’s died multiple times, tried to take over the Earth, attempted to protect it, fought and made up with his brother Thor a bunch, etc. But one thing he hasn’t done is have a romance. With the Asgardian trickster about to get his own Disney Plus series, though, could we finally see Loki enter into a relationship?

Tom Hiddleston was asked this question in an interview with Collider, and his response was intriguing. A master at dodging spoilers by now, the British actor doesn’t go into specifics, but hinted that the God of Mischief’s most important relationship will continue to be with himself. Having said that, Hiddleston hopes to one day have the close bonds Loki has in the comics explored on screen.

“You know, they say the first stable relationship you have to have is with yourself [laughs]. And Loki is still working on that, I think. But I think it’s always an interesting question. I’ve always been interested, in the comics, in the couple of individuals that Loki allows to get close in a way that would make him vulnerable. So I think that… there are questions to be asked in that regard.”

Loki showrunner Michael Waldron has previously teased that the series will be built around a kind of love story – but an odd couple, buddy cop one that will develop between Loki and Owen Wilson’s TVA agent Mobius. Having said that, it’s been rumored that the character could get a couple of love interests in the future of the MCU – one male, one female.

But maybe Hiddleston is giving us a big clue at one of them in his comments here. There’s a theory that Loki may spark up a romance with Lady Loki, his female alternate self probably played by Sophia Di Martino. That would be pretty wild, but also fitting for a wacky show like this one promises to be. And Hiddleston does say that the antihero needs to work on having a “stable relationship” with himself.

Loki premieres the first episode of its six-part debut season tomorrow – Wednesday, June 9th – on Disney Plus.