Here’s How Tom Welling Could Look As Kingdom Come Superman In Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths” promises to be the biggest Arrowverse event to date, with numerous exciting guest stars already lined up to appear in the crossover. With the story involving the collapse of the entire multiverse, heroes from other iterations of the DC universe can drop by for cameos, including Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman, Burt Ward as an older Robin and Kevin Conroy finally appearing in live-action as the Batman.

Though we’re already being spoiled, fans are still keeping their fingers crossed for at least one more crossover character: Smallville‘s Tom Welling. The CW’s prequel series ended with Clark Kent never properly suiting up, so that’s something we’d all love to see in “Crisis.” And while it’s still unclear if it’ll actually happen, we now have an idea of what it could look like if it did.

Instagram artist Barrett.Digital has shared this awesome piece which recreates an archetypal Supes scene – the shirt-rip with Metropolis in the background – with Welling as the iconic hero. The artist has decked his Clark out in a costume that has a Man of Steel-esque texture but implements the Kingdom Come emblem. He’s even given him the iconic curl, something Welling never sported on Smallville.

Obviously, Routh is filling the role of this particular Superman in “Crisis,” but could Welling turn up to reprise his version of Clark? Multiple sources say there’s a good chance of it happening, with EP Marc Guggenheim also confirming that he’s busy in talks to land more guest stars, including at least one Smallville actor. Whether it all comes together and Welling agrees to come back, though, it’s hard to say right now. He has said in the past that he’s reluctant to revisit his most famous role, after all.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” stretches over five episodes from all five shows, kicking off on December 8th and concluding on January 14th.