First Look At Tom Welling’s Clark Kent In Crisis On Infinite Earths


The Arrowverse is getting ready to drop its most ambitious crossover event yet with “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” as the multiversal premise will feature several DC icons from other media who are all returning to reprise to their roles once more. We know that Kevin Conroy’s finally playing Bruce Wayne in live-action, for instance, while Burt Ward will be seen as an older Robin and Brandon Routh is getting another chance to suit up as the Man of Steel after tackling the role in Superman Returns.

Of course, another person that fans have been hoping to see is Tom Welling as Clark Kent, the part he played for ten years on Smallville. And now that it’s been confirmed he’ll indeed be involved in “Crisis,” The CW has gone ahead and revealed our first look at him in the crossover via the photo below.

It arrived with a ton of other new pics as well, all teasing what we can expect from Part Two of the crossover, and we’ve compiled them into a gallery (along with last week’s photo dump) for your viewing pleasure. Admittedly, the shot of Welling in particular isn’t the most exciting, but it’s great to see him back in the role regardless.

Of course, what most fans are probably wondering at this point is if we’ll see the actor actually suit up as the Big Blue Boy Scout. There’ve been conflicting reports on the topic but for what it’s worth, WGTC has heard that he will indeed put on the costume at some point. Though you can expect The CW to keep that particular surprise under wraps until the crossover airs.

And thankfully, there’s not long to go now before that happens, as “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on December 8th, takes a break for the holidays and concludes on January 14th.