Mitchel Broussard’s Top 10 Most Memorable TV Moments From 2015

tv moments 2015

Small moments make up the best TV. You’re more likely to remember a particular show for some indelible line of dialogue or a random scene that feels inconsequential in the moment but lasts beyond season finales and cancellations than something more obvious. They’re the quotable, rewind-worthy, text-your-friends-immediately moments that are the reasons hashtags are born and Twitter riots begin.

What better reason to celebrate such moments than the oncoming New Year? We Got This Covered is here to list those little moments of beauty, terror, humor, and surprise that made 2015 TV addictively great. There’s no real rule here (besides the obvious 2015 caveat): if it was on TV or streaming platforms in an episodic format, it was fair game for addition.


Side note: I’ve already done my Top 10 TV Shows of 2015 list, and those are inarguably home to some stupidly great TV moments this year. As such, I can’t totally ignore them when making this list, but I’ll try to focus on some new series as best I can. With that, here’s number ten…

(Obviously, spoilers for all shows listed)