Trish And Jess Have A Run-In With The Law In New Set Photos For Jessica Jones Season 2


Things aren’t looking too good for Trish Walker and Jessica Jones in these new set photos for the show’s in-development second season.

Fresh from the streets of NYC, these all-new pictures come to us by way of Twitter (via Screen Rant), and find Rachael Taylor and Krysten Ritter’s respective characters having a run-in with the law. There are four snaps in total, and it would appear Jessica Jones and her adoptive sister have landed themselves in a spot of bother for investigating an open crime scene – the photo of Ritter’s title lead being held at gunpoint does feature a strip of tape with the words, “police line. Do not cross.” Besides, Jones is known around Hell’s Kitchen as Marvel’s whip-smart private eye, so it’s not too difficult to imagine a scenario in Jessica Jones season 2 where the show’s leading ladies are placed behind bars.

You’ll be able to take a closer look at each of the four photos below, courtesy of Twitter. And it seems Trish and Jess were likely in the process of being read their Miranda rights just as these stills were captured.

These are by no means the first batch of set photos to emerge for Jessica Jones season 2 – nor are they likely to be the last – and we know that fellow Marvel drama Luke Cage is also in the process of jump-starting production on its own second season. The same is purportedly true for Iron Fist, after lead star Finn Jones indicated over the weekend that a major announcement is right around the corner.

Next up for Marvel and Netflix is The Defenders miniseries. Ditching the standard template of 13 episodes, the long-anticipated team-up show will release as an eight-parter on August 18th.