True Blood Fans Aren’t Very Happy About The New Reboot

True Blood

True Blood only finished its final and least impressive season six years ago, but it’s been decided that this is long enough to warrant the series being rebooted. Naturally, fans of the show are less than pleased with the announcement, and haven’t been shy in making their feelings known.

Social media reaction to any kind of reboot or remake is usually negative, but the news of True Blood being done again has provoked a particularly vocal outcry, where it didn’t involve people taking the opportunity to relive just how horny both the series was and it made them.

See below for a sample of what folks are saying:

True Blood

One direction the reboot can go in is adapting the novels with a greater degree of fidelity. Like many other urban fantasy shows based on a book series, such as The Dresden Files, Blood Ties or Shadowhunters, the beginning of True Blood more or less directly adapted the first installment in the saga, then over time gradually moved away from the source material and became its own thing.

The flipside of this is that The Southern Vampire Mysteries (to give it its official title) novels weren’t actually that good, with author Charlaine Harris being far more interested in small town melodrama than supernatural worldbuilding, as well as remaining utterly blind to how obnoxious and irritating the central heroine Sookie was (even more so than she was in the TV show).

Ceaseless litanies of people complaining about the existence of remakes have been around for as long as remakes themselves, as in the eyes of many, there can never be any justification for retreading familiar ground. Perhaps if this new version of True Blood gives viewers something fresh, though, and manages to wash away the bad taste of the series’ latter and vastly inferior seasons, it might be forgiven. But at this point, it seems many people aren’t all that bothered about even watching it.