It TV Show Reportedly In The Works For Streaming

It Pennywise

Andy Muschietti’s It may have only spanned two movies, but it still ranks as one of the highest-grossing horror franchises in history with almost $1.2 billion in box office takings, while the first installment’s haul of $700 million was more than enough to make it the single biggest commercial hit the genre had ever seen.

Indeed, the Stephen King business is still booming, with fifteen movies and six TV shows currently in various stages of development based on the prolific author’s works, but none of the recent feature films have come anywhere close to matching the financial success of murderous interdimensional clown Pennywise, who ended up becoming an unlikely cultural icon thanks to Bill Skarsgard’s terrifying performance.

Both Skarsgard and writer Gary Dauberman have refused to rule out the possibility of a third installment somewhere down the line, despite a lack of source material to draw inspiration from, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that an episodic TV series based on It is in the works for streaming.

The tipster doesn’t offer much in the way of additional information, but surely more Pennywise can only be a good thing, right? In terms of the story, it could be another straightforward retelling of the book, albeit one armed with a blockbuster-sized budget. The beloved 1990 miniseries with Tim Curry was hampered by financial limitations, while the big screen duology cost a combined total of over $100 million to produce. Somewhere in the middle would make sense for a TV show, then, although they could also go down an entirely different route and have it be a prequel or even tell an original story set in the same world.

The possibilities are endless, really, but let us know what you’d like to see from an It TV show in the comments section down below.