Vin Diesel Being Eyed To Play Black Bolt In MCU’s Rebooted Inhumans


Marvel once had some very exciting plans for the Inhumans. If you’ll recall, there was originally set to be a feature-length film featuring Black Bolt and co. that would’ve released this past summer but then the project was re-worked into a TV series. Ahead of its premiere, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. worked hard to introduce the concept of Inhumans to more casual fans but the show completely flopped and got the axe after only eight episodes. And that seemed to be it for the Inhuman race in the MCU.

But a month or so ago, We Got This Covered heard from our sources that the group was set to be rebooted, with their first appearance lined up for the Ms. Marvel TV series. And now, it looks like our scoop has been confirmed, as The Geeks Worldwide is reporting that the Inhumans are indeed set to return and casting for the gang is already underway, with some very big names being eyed.

For starters, Vin Diesel is on the studio’s radar for Black Bolt, king of the Royal Family, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson is wanted for Maximus, Black Bolt’s brother. And while both actors are already part of – or have been part of the MCU, in Taylor-Johnson’s case – it’s clear that Marvel doesn’t have an issue with casting the same talent in more than one role.

Of course, neither star is locked in just yet, but it’s exciting nonetheless to have our scoop confirmed and to know that the Inhumans will indeed be in Ms. Marvel. It makes a lot of sense, too, given that Kamala Khan is an Inhuman herself.

While the idea of wiping out the Inhumans TV show may not go over well with everyone, we’re pretty sure that most people won’t mind if the series is swept under the rug. It wasn’t exactly a hit with fans or critics and frankly, the idea of having actors like Vin Diesel and Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing the rebooted versions of these characters is something that will no doubt ensure they go over much better with audiences this time around.