The Walking Dead Stars Offer Update On Season 11 Filming Delay

Khary-Payton-as-Ezekiel-on-The-Walking-Dead (1)

As with everything right now, The Walking Dead has been massively impacted by the pandemic. Typically, production would be underway on the next season of the show at this point in the year ahead of its premiere in the fall. Obviously, though, that’s not going to happen and so, outside of the delayed season 10B finale, we won’t get any new episodes of the parent series until 2021. And at present, it’s not exactly clear when filming will be able to resume. caught up with a few of the stars of the post-apocalyptic drama at [email protected] last weekend though and asked them for an update on the mystery. Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, revealed that no one knows what’s going on. All they do know is that they’re raring to get going again.

“I don’t think anybody knows the ‘hows’ yet, I think it’s an ongoing conversation that’s being constantly had,” Morgan said. “But I bet you everyone you’re talking to right now is super f—ing ready to go to work.”

The other stars he was referring to are Norman Reedus, Khary Payton, Ross Marquand and series newcomer Paula Lazaro. Payton – AKA former King Ezekiel – echoed Morgan’s comments, remarking that the team needs to work out the safest way to make the show first. However that’s achieved, though, everyone is eager to return.

“We’re all dying, we’re all dying to go to work. It’s just a matter of [safety],” added Payton. “I don’t know if it’s gonna be like that NBA bubble and we’re literally gonna be on bunk beds, just grabbing a cot. I have no idea how we’re going to do this,” he added, “but we’re all dying to get back.”

In a unique move, AMC announced on Friday that season 10 will be getting six new episodes that are intended to be aired early next year. Season 11 will then arrive fall 2021, where season 12 would’ve kicked off originally. There shouldn’t be as much of a drought of TWD content as there could be, then, but it all depends on when the cast and crew can get back to work.

The Walking Dead season 10B finale, “A Certain Doom,” airs on October 4th on AMC.