The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Wants To Return As The Governor


It’s been a long time since the Governor was the main villain on The Walking Dead and the show – and its cast – is almost unrecognizable from what it was in its earlier seasons, but that hasn’t stopped actor David Morrissey from wanting to make a return as his fan favorite eye-patched antagonist.

While speaking to Red Carpet News TV, the British star gushed about how much he loved his time on the hit AMC series and said he’d go back in “any capacity” in order to work on it again.

“I loved my experience on The Walking Dead. It was a show I’d love to go back to in any capacity. I’ve often said I’d make the tea for them if they asked me, because it was a wonderful experience, and it’s a show made by fantastic people, really talented people. And you want to work with those people.”

It’s also the strength of his character that makes Morrissey so keen to return. He even went on to say that he feels the Governor “has got more to give,” explaining that he thinks one of TWD’s best qualities is its well-developed characters.

“And I think that’s why the show gets good actors in it, because they give you a backstory, they give you real things to play,” he said. “It’s a survivalist show, but it’s something about the human relationships inside the show that really click into people, I think. And yeah, I would go back in a shot.”

For Morrissey, it was the “complexity” of the Governor – AKA Phillip Blake – that made him so compelling.

“I think there’s a whole sense of the Governor where he’s not just out and out evil, he has his moments where he has this red mist that comes over him, but he does have a conscious. I think that whole thing with his daughter is about him being a good father.”

So, is there an opening for the Governor in The Walking Dead‘s future? Well, the best chance for a comeback was probably Andrew Lincoln’s last episode, in which he hallucinated a bunch of faces from his past. Otherwise, there’s a chance a similar method could be used to let him have a cameo in the Rick Grimes-centric movie trilogy that’s in the works, with the first film due to hit this year.

While we wait to see if Morrissey gets his wish, be sure to catch The Walking Dead season 9 as it unfolds every Sunday on AMC.