New WandaVision Photos Tease The Classic Sitcom Influence


One of the most common criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been that the majority of the movies tend to rigidly stick to the same formula and hit a recurring series of mandatory plot beats, with the different spins on the comic book genre papering over the cracks. The move into episodic television looks to present a new form of storytelling within the world’s biggest franchise, though, and it would be fair to say that the studio have never made anything like WandaVision before.

The six-episode miniseries will mark both the MCU’s official expansion onto the small screen and finally kick off Phase Four almost a year and a half after Spider-Man: Far From Home, with what promises to be a mind and reality-bending adventure. Plot details are still firmly under wraps, but based on the footage we’ve seen so far, there’s going to be no shortage of weird and wonderful scenarios for the title duo to deal with.

Now, as the yet to be confirmed release date edges closer, the promotional blitz is starting to ramp up, and a new series of images have dropped online which tease the influence of classic sitcoms on WandaVision‘s visual palette.

The first trailer directly referenced beloved favorites like The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave It to Beaver, Bewitched, The Brady Bunch and more, which aren’t the typical influences you’d expect to find in a superhero TV show, but that only serves to make WandaVision much more of a unique and intriguing proposition. Barring any unexpected setbacks, we’re now just weeks away from the series premiere, and it will surely look to give The Mandalorian a run for its money as Disney Plus’ most buzzworthy original.