WandaVision Super Bowl Spot Revealed A Big Spoiler


While much of WandaVision is still under wraps, we’ve just gotten our first proper look at the show courtesy of the Disney Plus Super Bowl trailer, which teased us with a montage featuring The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and the Elizabeth Olsen-starring series. But those who’ve been paying attention to set leaks know that the show is likely to focus on specific aspects of Wanda and Vision’s domestic life, one of which was spoiled in the aforementioned preview.

You see, one of the biggest elements will surely be the presence of Wanda and Vision’s children. These appear to be MCU versions of her kids from the comics: twins Wiccan and Speed. Reports have indicated that the show has already cast two infants and we’ve seen casting footage from the search for child actors to play young characters code-named “Timmy” and “Adam.”

In the Super Bowl trailer, we can not only see that Wanda’s visibly pregnant, but there’s a scene where two pacifiers shoot into the air from cribs. You might wonder how the robotic Vision could father children, but in the surreal reality-warping world of WandaVision, it appears that won’t be a problem.

If the presence of the twins is now confirmed though (and remember, WGTC told you Wiccan would be in the show months ago), this lends credence to some other rumors from the set. The casting video for the children, for instance, mentions them knowing their uncle, which may indicate that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver is set to make his first appearance in the MCU since he died in Age of Ultron. And then there are the rumors that James Spader has been seen on set, potentially hinting that Ultron will be along to ruin Wanda’s domestic bliss.

In any case, WandaVision has the potential to prefigure some big changes for the MCU. For instance, fans have been curious as to how Marvel Studios will weave the X-Men into the franchise, so a character with the power to shape reality as she sees fit may be the key to this. We should find out sooner rather than later, too, as Disney has brought the show’s release forward to sometime this year. Watch this space for more.