Marvel Moves WandaVision Up To 2020, Will Premiere Early


They may be responsible for the single biggest franchise in history, and the highest-grossing film ever made, but it seems that that just isn’t enough for Kevin Feige and co., as Marvel Studios is now looking to make some serious inroads on the small screen, too, thanks to the launch of Disney Plus.

With several very promising shows already in various stages of development, the company is hoping to be able to take a deeper dive into the minds of some of their heroes who’ve had to battle for screen-time in the movies and may have been a bit short-changed. WandaVision is one such series, with the mend-bending show set to follow the two title characters, who may be beloved by fans, but haven’t been given a ton to do in the MCU up until now.

But that’ll soon change and we do mean soon, as it’s been revealed today that the series has been bumped up on the schedule a bit. Originally, it was set to land in 2021 but now, Disney Plus has announced that it’ll be with us in 2020. When exactly it’ll drop is still unknown, but obviously, this is great news.

Of course, we still don’t know a whole lot about what to expect, but it’s already been confirmed that S.W.O.R.D. will be making its debut in WandaVision, while Feige told us a few weeks ago that Wanda will finally adopt the Scarlet Witch name as well. Throw in a rumored appearance from Doctor Strange and a possible introduction to Doctor Doom, too, and you have all the makings of must-see television.

And with the show now set to drop in 2020 and not 2021, hopefully we’ll begin to see some official promo material for WandaVision hit the web in the not too distant future. Until then, though, feel free to drop a comment down below letting us know what you’re hoping to see in it.

Source: Twitter