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‘Warrior Nun’ may have been saved, but that doesn’t mean it’ll return the way everyone wants it to

'Warrior Nun' is coming back, but that's all we've got to go on.

warrior nun
via Netflix

Halo Bearers should be patting themselves on the back after creator and showrunner Simon Barry revealed to the world yesterday that Warrior Nun would be making a return to the airwaves, six months after being cast aside by Netflix.

However, the fact the acclaimed and eminently popular comic book adaptation has escaped the realm of televised purgatory is literally all we’ve got to go on, so there’s no inclination as yet for how the series will actually be resurrected. As much as fans are expecting it to be a straightforward season 3 that picks up where Netflix left off, it won’t be that simple.

warrior nun
Screengrab via Netflix

In fact, Entertainment Weekly has claimed that Warrior Nun won’t be heading back to Netflix for new episodes, and while that it isn’t all that surprising, it’s well worth noting that the streaming service holds the rights to the first two seasons in perpetuity, which may present several obstacles when it comes to crafting the next adventure for Alba Baptista’s Ava Silva.

Furthermore, TV Line has offered that Warrior Nun could end up being brought back “via a standalone movie or a shortened final season in order to give fans closure,” so the comeback may turn out to be brief. Ironically, Netflix did something similar when it failed to renew popular fantasy Wu Assassins for a second shot, before allowing the team to bow out with the feature-length Fistful of Vengeance, but will the Halo Bearers be happy with anything less than a full-blown revival?

A one-and-done movie or event series bringing the story to an end would be better than nothing, but having gotten what they wanted, will it be enough?

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