Watch: Clint & Kate take on the Tracksuit Mafia in new ‘Hawkeye’ clip


Hawkeye is only days away from hitting Disney Plus, yet Marvel just keeps building up the hype for the series to new levels. We keep getting things like new posters and teases from producers about what will take place. Now, we’ve got a fresh new clip that shows Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in action.

The newest clip (which you can watch above) shows the two heroes taking on “The Tracksuit Mafia” which involves some incredibly precise archery and Hawkeye himself deftly catching, and then tossing back, a flaming Molotov cocktail.

It looks like the new Disney+ series will be featuring tons of little Easter Eggs too for the most dedicated MCU fans. The show’s lead writer Jonathan Igla discussed them recently in an interview.

“It was a constant balancing act. It kind of became a case-by-case basis. If something was good enough and worth calling back, and felt like it was going to resonate with the show, and not just something I would enjoy as a fan to call back and revisit, that guided it over the line.”

With things like Rogers: The Musical and more to look forward to, it’s no wonder fans can’t wait to see Hawkeye hit Disney+ on Nov. 24.