Watch: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Mid-Season Trailer Teases Final 2 Episodes

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We’ve only got two episodes left of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but this new speak peek promises that the Disney Plus series has a lot of thrills and excitement still to come. The action-oriented show is three installments shorter than WandaVision, so that means Falcon will wrap up with its sixth outing in a couple of weeks’ time. And it seems we have a dramatic clash between Sam, Bucky and John Walker’s Captain America to look forward to.

This trailer mostly comprises footage we’ve already seen from previous episodes, reminding us of the existing rivalry between Steve Rogers’ best pals and the man who has stolen his mantle. Likewise, it recaps the shocking final moments of last week’s installment, which saw Walker go off the deep end and kill a Flag Smasher in cold blood – and in broad daylight – after taking the super soldier serum.

The really interesting material is featured in the last 30 seconds of the sneak peek, though. The final clip appears to show Sam and Bucky tracking a lone Walker down to his hideout in a warehouse. “We don’t want anybody else to get hurt,” says Falcon, once again proving why he’s the rightful Cap. A shaggy-looking Walker then responds:” You don’t want to do this.” An angry Bucky isn’t really sharing his friend’s peaceful attitude, though. “Yes, we do,” he says.

After episode 4’s climax, it looked like Walker was stepping up to become the show’s big bad, and that appears to be confirmed by this promo, which teases the titular dynamic duo facing off against the fake Cap in a tense showdown. Hopefully this means that Sam will be the one holding the shield by the end of the finale.

Don’t miss The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as it reaches its penultimate episode this Friday, April 16th on Disney Plus.