Watch: The CW Releases Lucifer’s Crisis On Infinite Earths Cameo Online


The first three episodes of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” have been stuffed full of cameos from stars hailing from across the DC multiverse. Kevin Conroy’s shown up as Batman, Tom Welling reprised his Smallville role, Burt Ward dropped by as an older Batman ’66 Robin, Ashley Scott returned as Birds of Prey‘s Huntress…the list is almost infinite. A particularly popular one came in “Part 3,” though, when Tom Ellis appeared for a crossover with Netflix’s Lucifer. And now, you can re-watch his scene in the video above.

Following his death in “Part 1,” Mia Smoak, Diggle and John Constantine were working on retrieving Oliver Queen’s soul in this episode. Constantine knew they needed a way into Purgatory, and so he called on an old frenemy to help them – the Devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar. Traveling to Earth-666 (see what they did there?), the Arrowverse trio meet with Lucifer outside his nightclub Lux in Los Angeles, where he handed them a mystical card that allowed them a brief visit to Limbo.

As you can see in this clip, Ellis’ entire role in the episode only lasted a couple of minutes, but that still ensured it was one of the more substantial cameos in “Crisis.” It also officially makes Lucifer part of the Arrowverse multiverse.

This cameo certainly came out of left-field though, as the supernatural drama, that originated on Fox before Netflix picked it up, isn’t your typical superhero fare. Nevertheless, it’s based on the DC universe’s incarnation of the Devil.

What’s also interesting to note is that the other month, Ellis denied he was turning up in the event. He’s since revealed this was a white lie told in an attempt to keep the cameo secret, though. He’s also clarified that he feels this fits into the Lucifer timeline sometime within five years prior to the beginning of season 1, before he got involved with the LAPD.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues – and concludes – in the New Year in a month’s time, on Tuesday, January 14th.