Watch: ‘Moon Knight’ stars offer a quick primer before the finale

Steven and Marc in Moon Knight (1)
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Can you believe we’ve already reached the end of Moon Knight? It feels like just yesterday that Steven Grant was “cor, blimey”-ing his way around the British Museum until he realized he was really the avatar of an Egyptian god. A lot has happened since the Marvel show’s first episode, so you may be in need of a refresher course ahead of the sixth and final installment arriving on Disney Plus this Wednesday.

The good news is that Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy are on hand to help you out. In this new promo (which you can see via the tweet below), the trio supplies a quick primer of what happened in last week’s episode five, from Marc and Steven’s trip into the afterlife to the introduction of sassy bipedal hippopotamus Tawaret. Yeah, that’s right, a sassy bipedal hippopotamus.

Despite the light-hearted nature of this recap video, things actually got pretty heavy in the penultimate ep. First, Steven learned the truth about Marc’s abuse at the hands of his mother, the trauma that created him in the first place. Then, poor Steven fell overboard and ended up pulling an Anna from Frozen and turning to sand, apparently dooming his soul forever. Say it ain’t so!

With any luck, Marc will be able to save his other half, reunite with his wife Layla, and defeat Arthur Harrow’s evil plan, all within the next hour. Oh, and an appearance from his third personality Jake Lockley would be great, too, unless Marvel wants to incite a riot within the fandom.

If that sounds like a tall order for just one episode, that’s because it is. Still, it gives us hope that a second season is in the works, as has been hinted by various cast and crew members. Otherwise, maybe Moony’s story could continue in some kind of Midnight Sons team-up project.

Catch the Moon Knight season (series?) finale this Wednesday, May 4, on Disney Plus.