‘Moon Knight’ fans are beginning to wonder if Jake Lockley will ever show up

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

For five weeks now, Marvel lovers have been waiting to see Marc Spector’s third persona turn up in Moon Knight, but with the Disney Plus show set to conclude next week, they’re losing faith that he’s ever going to turn up. The series definitely hasn’t skimped on exploring the nocturnal hero’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, but it’s streamlined his fractured psyche to just the two personalities ⁠— Marc and Steven Grant.

While folks have loved the oddball dynamic between Marc and Steven, Jake has a lot of fans himself so people have been expecting him to show up each episode that’s gone by. And today’s episode five seemed like the perfect place to introduce him as it delved deeper into the character’s psyche than ever before. And yet Jake was still MIA. Even though he’s probably just chilling in that psychic sarcophagus.

To be honest, though, Jake’s probably better off avoiding the emotional turmoil Marc and Steven faced this week.

Having said that, some viewers are convinced this scene was actually our secret first look at Jake.

Instead of Jake’s big debut, we ended up getting a devastating development, as Steven pulled an Anna from Frozen.

The Moon Knight writers have it in for us.

Despite the lack of Lockley, episode five did establish two major characters from Moon Knight lore, with Marc’s brother Randall appearing and his former mentor Bushman being mentioned. Both of them become supervillains in the comics, but we’ll have to see if they’ll show up in season two. Or if there actually is a season two.

With Jake Lockley trending on Twitter as users demand he make himself known, we’d better hope he has a role in next week’s finale otherwise Moon Knight fans might just turn more vengeful than Khonshu.