Watch: ‘The Boys: Diabolical’ teaser dishes up dark animated spinoff


In anticipation of a new animated anthology series spinoff, The Boys: Diabolical, releasing to Amazon Prime Video in March, the streaming service has released its first teaser trailer for the colorful-but-macabre looking show.

The teaser is stylized like a fast food chain commercial, only this time it takes place in the world of The Boys. Naturally, the burger joint is called VoughtABurger, named after the diabolical pharmaceutical company responsible for creating super-powered individuals in the first place with their drug known as Compound V.

Last month, we got a glimpse of one of the animated shorts with a first look at “Laser Baby,” which appears to take after classic slapstick family comedies, like 1994’s Baby’s Day Out, only the titular infant can unleash horrific injuries to others via her laser-eyed super power. You can watch that clip here.

Amazon made the announcement of the animated anthology spinoff a couple months back. Earlier in 2021, a prequel spinoff set to unfold at a Vought-sponsored college for supes was also announced.

Based on the teaser trailer, it looks as if The Boys: Diabolical will feature a variety of different animation styles, as exemplified by the stomach-churning yet completely on-brand clip of Homelander making out with differently styled versions of himself, including one that looks like he was ripped straight from the universe of Rick and Morty.

The Boys: Diabolical comes to Amazon Prime Video on March 4 and the third season of the original live action show, The Boys, will drop on the streaming service on June 3.