Westworld Season 4 Bringing Back The Man In Black As A Major Villain

Image via HBO

The third season of Westworld ended just a couple of weeks ago, but with HBO already renewing the show for a fourth run, fans are wondering about what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

“These violent delights have violent ends,” announced Bernard at the end of the first season, and boy did Jonathan Nolan deliver on that promise in season 3. While audience reaction to the latest plot developments has been mixed, people can’t help but feel excited about all the possibilities that are now available for exploration. To some, Westworld has no clear trajectory, but it appears that the driving philosophy behind the series is renovating the narrative and taking it in a new path every season. If the first run was about the context of consciousness and a bicameral mind, season 2 went down a more action-packed road and made preparations to separate itself from the boundaries of the park.

As such, what we saw take place in season 3 was essentially trying out a new formula for an already established narrative structure. Although, viewers took comfort knowing that their favorite characters were back. One such character was William aka the Man in Black, whose story ended on a cliffhanger in the post-credits scene of season 2, as he was revealed to have become a host himself. This season explored the events leading up to that moment, killing the character off and replacing him with a non-sentient body. But there’s so much yet to come from William in the future, especially if Nolan’s recent tease is anything to go by.

The co-creator recently held a chat with the cast and revealed that Ed Harris’ Man in Black will play a major role in season 4.

“I’m a big believer in being guided by irony,” Nolan said. “[William] winds up becoming this thing [a host] that he’s controlled for so long. And on a visceral level, I just can’t wait to watch Ed kill everyone.”

As you’d expect, the showrunner didn’t elaborate any further, but it looks like William will once again become a major antagonistic figure in upcoming seasons of Westworld, and honestly, we can barely wait to see him wield his revolvers again and bring death and destruction to anyone who crosses his path.