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Who is playing Luffy in the One Piece Live Action? Here are all the actors playing the Straw Hats

They have big shoes to fill.

Luffy, Sanji, Robin and Chopper One Piece
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Needless to say, One Piece fans weren’t pleased when news of the world’s biggest manga getting a live-action adaptation first hit their screens. After enduring years of disastrous attempts at bringing anime to life (just take a look at Death Note), anime and manga fans were ready to throw in the towel on this budding genre in television. Although they reluctantly accepted the news, many fans still remain unconvinced about the future of the Straw Hats in human form.

For that reason, Netflix finds itself facing a daunting challenge in creating a worthy adaptation of One Piece. With over 2 million volumes sold per edition in Japan alone, this colossal literary force has amassed a legion of fiercely loyal fans, who demand nothing short of perfection. Even the manga’s author, Eiichiro Oda, had to plead for a chance after fans witnessed countless disappointments in past adaptations of his work. As the series’ release date looms closer (or at least, we hope it does), it’s only fair that we grant this cast of fresh faces the opportunity to shine as the Straw Hats. Personally, I believe they’ll exceed our expectations.

And now, let’s meet the actors who will portray the Straw Hats in the One Piece live-action adaptation.

Monkey D. Luffy – Iñaki Godoy

Taking on the monumental task of portraying the iconic character and the charismatic captain of the Straw Hat crew is none other than Iñaki Godoy. Hailing from Mexico, this young actor appears to be the ideal choice to bring Luffy to life. While we haven’t witnessed his performance just yet, one look at Godoy’s appearance alone reveals a 19-year-old from Mexico City who effortlessly embodies the spirited and hopeful nature that defines Luffy. As the most challenging role in the series, Godoy’s extensive repertoire of credits will undoubtedly work in his favor as he steps into the shoes of the future King of the Pirates.

Roronoa Zoro – Mackenyu Arata

Stepping into the role of the physically gifted swordsman of the Straw Hat crew, Zoro, is none other than Mackenyu Arata. Anime fans may already be familiar with this name and for good reason. Despite his young age of 26, Mackenyu boasts an extensive acting repertoire, predominantly from his home country of Japan. Notably, he has showcased his talents in various live-action adaptations of popular anime, such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and Tokyo Ghoul S. With his notable experience in live-action projects, Mackenyu is undoubtedly the ideal choice for Zoro, though he might have to hit the gym to match the character’s impressive physique.

Nami – Emily Rudd

Stepping into the role of the cunning “cat burglar” Nami is the talented Emily Rudd. Similar to Godoy, Rudd has already made a name for herself in the acting world with notable titles like the Amazon anthology series The Romanoffs and the American drama Hunters. Tasked with portraying the enigmatic and money-driven Nami, Rudd faces the challenge of capturing the character’s emotional journey as she embarks on her compelling adventure alongside the Straw Hat crew. It’s undoubtedly an emotionally demanding role, but one can only hope that Rudd will enjoy embodying Nami as much as we enjoy reading about her. And who knows, maybe she’ll even dye her hair red for the role!

Usopp – Jacob Romero Gibson

Usopp, the one and only sniper of the Straw Hats, couldn’t have been cast more perfectly than with Jacob Romero Gibbs. Not only does Gibbs possess the ideal appearance to embody the bravest man of the sea (well, potentially), though he may be missing Usopp’s signature long nose. While Gibbs may have a slightly shorter acting resume compared to his fellow Straw Hats, his own accomplishments are far from lacking. Recognized for his role in Greenleaf and even making a cameo appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, this 26-year-old actor is poised to excel as the senior officer of the Straw Hats fleet.

Vinsmoke Sanji – Taz Skylar

The charming womanizer and culinary expert of the Straw Hats will be brought to life by the Spanish actor, Taz Skylar. Having delved into the world of acting since 2015, Skylar has already amassed an array of television roles. With his perfect blond hair to embody the left hand of the Straw Hats, Skylar’s already captivating smile will undoubtedly capture the essence of Sanji’s flirtatious nature, even if he’s not always lucky. In the meantime, Skylar will need to figure out how to grow Sanji’s iconic goatee and, of course, be prepared to always have those prop cigarettes in his mouth.

Considering the live-action will only capture the East Blue saga, the other Straw Hats have not yet been cast (as far as we know). Of course, in the end, the continuation of the series lies in the hands of Netflix, and we all know how that usually goes. It is still in the hands of fans to see whether or not this adaptation will be fruitful, and for the time being, we have to wait a while more until we set sail on this adventure.

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