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Why the ‘Love Island’ franchise needs more men like Carsten ‘Bergie’ Bergersen

Step aside boys, Bergie is the real man of the villa.

Carsten Bergersen love island
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After watching just one episode of Love Island: USA‘s drama-filled fifth season, it is clear that Carsten Bergersen (commonly referred to as Bergie) is unlike anyone we have ever seen within the Love Island franchise before.

After being sent home on night one (fortunately returning to the villa the next morning alongside Carmen Kocourek and Hannah Wright), several individuals have taken to Twitter to share that they feel as though Bergie is unfit for Love Island: USA, due to the fact that he is far less experienced than his fellow islanders:

@loveislandusa Y’all, this was so predictable. Bergie’s way too sweet for a show like this. #LoveIslandUSA

“Yooooo Love Island USA is wild! How they do Bergie like that! Come on man! #LoveIslandUSA

“Oh Bergie bless your heart 🥹 #LoveIslandUSA

While many say that he is too pure for the villa, we are here to argue that Bergie is the breath of fresh air that Love Island: USA has been needing. Keep scrolling to see why the Love Island franchise needs more men like Bergie.

He is a family man.

Bergie has said time and time again throughout his journey on Love Island: USA that family is of the upmost importance to him.

After his mother died when he was four, Bergie was raised by his grandparents and his single dad, who taught him how to be a true gentleman. The Minnesota native opened up about his experience in his Love Island: USA intro package:

“My mom passed away when I was four, and then when I was 18, my grandma gave me these letters that my mom wrote to me… I had no idea she was writing all these when I was a child, and that really inspired me to write to my future wife and like how I look forward to meeting them one day and looking forward to the day that I get to wake up next to them.”

With family guiding a majority of Bergie’s values, it is clear that he has a good head on his shoulders.

He enjoys the simple things in life.

In the villa, Bergie is a fish-out-of-water compared to his fellow islanders.

Hailing from Cottage Grove, Minnesota and currently living in Madison, South Dakota, he enjoys the simple things in life (unlike former islander Harrison Luna, an Australian diamond dealer).

Based on his Instagram profile, Bergie likes to spend time with his friends and family, hit the lake, play football, and more. According to his 47 Instagram posts, it does not look like the club scene is really his cup of tea—a fact that sets him apart from other men (or should we say boys?) his age.

As if he could not get even more real, Bergie does not have an extravagant career like any of his fellow islanders. Instead, he works as the manager at the popular ice cream chain, Dairy Queen, back in South Dakota. How sweet is that?

With an Instagram bio that reads, “Just a kid that makes ice cream and smiles for a living,” Bergie is truly as simple as it gets.

He is a hopeless romantic.

Bergie has proved this time and time again throughout his journey on Love Island: USA that he is a hopeless romantic, always going the extra mile to make the women in the villa feel special (and admitting it to the camera on multiple occasions).

“Yeah, I am a total hopeless romantic and I’m just looking for someone that’s ready to love… I am here to find love at the end of the day, [and] I do wanna settle down.”

You want coffee? Bergie will make you coffee.

You want chocolate chip pancakes? Bergie will make you chocolate chip pancakes.

The 23-year-old is arguably the best listener in the villa, paying close attention to the details of any girl he is interested in and consistently trying to form a genuine connection.

Seriously though, what other guy starts out a conversation by asking a girl’s love language, just so he knows how to best suit her needs? Bergie is truly one-of-a-kind.

With conversations that go deeper than just the surface, discussing life beyond the villa with one another, Bergie has shown that he is not on Love Island: USA to mess around. Given that he has never been in a relationship before, he has expressed over and over again that he joined the show to find his forever person, and our fingers are crossed that this journey has a happy ending for the Minnesota native.

Hitting The Hideaway last night with Casa Amor bombshell Taylor Smith, has Bergie finally found his one true love in the villa? Tune in to Peacock tomorrow night at 9pm ET/6pm PT to find out.

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