The Witcher EP Explains Her Approach To Geralt And Yennefer’s Bond


Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher thematically resonates with a lot of human issues, but one of the core elements that the narrative revolves around is the unique bond between Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg, two lost souls in the volatile realms of the Continent.

Netflix’s new live-action series roughly follows the same story as in the books when it comes to Geralt and Yennefer’s acquaintance. After the White Wolf’s last wish binds their fates together, the two keep bumping into each other at different intervals throughout the saga. The first season aptly depicts this by adapting two of the main short stories, “The Last Wish” and “The Bounds of Reason.” With so much yet to come from their dysfunctional and strange relationship, fans are wondering how the TV series will tackle this in upcoming seasons. Showrunner and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich recently addressed the question in a new interview by hinting that there won’t be a happy ending for the Witcher and the Sorceress.

“What I like to imagine is that Yennefer and Geralt are both used to doing it one way; they’re both sort of perpetual bachelors,” She said. “Geralt and Yennefer are really like pinballs off of each other in a way,” she added. “Even in the books, I don’t know that there’s really a happily ever after for them.”

As fans who’ve read the books may tell you, it’s not the fact that Geralt and Yennefer don’t want a simple life; it’s more about the reasons that make it an impossible turn of events. Coming to terms with that fact is something that contributes a lot to both these characters and their arcs. And apparently, Hissrich is keen on exploring this aspect as well.

The writer recalled a moment from the novels where Yennefer describes a humble life, in which Geralt is a farmer and she bakes and weaves baskets, saying:

“It’s such a sweet dream, but it’s so unrealistic. These people are never going to be sheep farmers and basket weavers. They both have this sort of desire to live on this edge of life and death.”

This means that Netflix’s The Witcher will maintain the same dynamic between the two characters as in the books, but what Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra will bring to these roles will definitely be interesting to watch unfold over the next few years.