The Witcher Has Cast A Few New Witchers For Season 2


Geralt and Ciri’s next stop in The Witcher will give the Child of the Elder Blood a chance to meet some of Geralt’s comrades in Kaer Morhen, and apparently, Netflix has already found the right actors to portray them.

The new live-action adaptation of the White Wolf and his epic tales in the Continent has been the talk of every town since its debut in December, bringing in huge numbers for Netflix and causing a massive surge in the sales of The Witcher saga by Andrej Sapkowski. As such, fans are thirsty for more and want to know what’s next for Geralt and his Child Surprise. Well, considering the fact that the second season is just entering pre-production, there’s not much to share, though according to some reports, the next run will roughly adapt Blood of Elves, which is the first novel after the collection of short stories.

This could mean that the first few episodes might deal with Geralt and Ciri’s time in the Witcher keep of Kaer Morhen, where the Cintran Princess is trained by the Wolf’s comrades to become a monster-hunter like them. And now, according to a new report by the Redanian Intelligence, who’ve been a reliable source of Witcher info in the past, Netflix is adding two new Witchers in season 2: Lambert and Coën.

Paul Bullion will portray Lambert while Yasen Atour is set to play Coën. The former is best known for his roles in Peaky BlindersDracula, and The Bastard Executioner, while fans might recognize the latter from Robin HoodBen-Hur, or Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.

The report also indicates that the pair will join Geralt in at least 3 episodes of season 2, which is almost half the run. We still don’t know if Netflix plans to cast Eskel as well, but it’d make sense if they decided to move forward with two of the Witchers. That is, if you exclude Vesemir, whose role, according to our sources, has been offered to Mark Hamill.

At any rate, the second season of The Witcher is expected to arrive sometime in 2021, but you can currently catch the first one on Netflix if you haven’t already done so.