That Witcher Poster Has Fans Freaking Out Over Henry Cavill’s Buns Of Steel

henry Cavill witcher

One of the first images we get of our hero, Geralt, in the third entry in The Witcher series – widely regarded as one of the best games of this generation – is sitting in a wooden bathtub, his junk barely obscured by wonderful water effects. Sex plays a pretty major part in the game interactions, too, maybe more than any other mainstream property I can think of currently. CD Projekt Red really pushed those boundaries, so it makes sense that the first poster of the TV adaptation of the book-then-game series focuses almost directly on Henry Cavill’s tightly-toned ass.

The internet is currently losing their mind over it. Or at least, a ton of thirsty bursties on the ol’ Twitter are. I’ll admit, Cavill’s got it going on, but if I had to choose, I’d take reloading arms over stark white hair and glowing yellow eyes any day.

Regardless, you have to check out some of these ridiculous responses. This is why I begrudgingly love Twitter.

Then there are weirdos who want to know just how accurate his wig is. I’m sure there are other, more depraved individuals out there craving for more carnal knowledge, too, but thankfully they weren’t featured anywhere, and I didn’t poke my mind into any of the particularly dark recesses of that corner of the internet.

Perhaps this powerful posing will make people plop their (assumedly) less-toned asses down to watch the now officially former Superman slay some griffins and shit whenever The Witcher hits Netflix, though.