The Witcher Season 2 Will Make A Big Change To A Key Character

The Witcher

Newly leaked photos from the set of The Witcher give us our first look at a prominent character in the tale of the White Wolf. Though it seems that the writers have taken the liberty of changing her backstory.

Of course, such deviations from the source material are only normal when you’re adapting a story across mediums. Executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich has proven time and again that the team isn’t afraid of bringing certain novelties to the narrative as a whole. One example of this will be Geralt and Ciri’s journey from the Northern Kingdoms to the Witcher keep of Kaer Morhen, which the book forgoes altogether. The producers felt that they needed to depict the monster hunter and his ward forming an intimate bond, and they’re going to give them plenty of time to do just that.

Now, a new photo from the Fountains Abbey set of The Witcher shows that the writers are also making a change to the fictional world’s lore. The pic in question sees Fringilla Vigo, the Emperor’s top sorceress, next to Francesca Findabair. Also known as Enid an Glenna (Daisy of the Valleys), the witch is the self-proclaimed queen of the elves of Dol Blathanna.

Francesca is not only a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses, but she’s also a powerful wizard and a cunning politician. She plays a key role in the Thanedd Coup, as well, which the Netflix show will eventually catch up with as a defining moment in the story of Geralt.

What’s ultimately alarming about this set photo, though, is that it shows that the Queen of Dol Blathanna is with child. As you know, sorceresses cannot get pregnant, not to mention that it goes against the continuity of the character in The Witcher saga. As such, the writers must have a very good reason for this retcon, and we can’t wait to find out what it is when the second season arrives sometime in 2021.