The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveal First Look At Ciri’s New Costume

The Witcher

Filming on season 2 of The Witcher has been back underway for almost two months, and with it has come the first look via some set photos at Freya Allan as Ciri sporting a new costume as she inches closer towards her destiny.

In The Witcher’s first run, the character’s part in the non-linear chronology took place over about a fortnight and saw her on the run after the fall of her homeland Cintra following the invasion by Nilfgaard, finally encountering Geralt in the season’s closing moments. For the most part adapted from the novel Blood of Elves, season 2 will have more of a streamlined narrative than the first and will see Ciri taken to the Witcher keep Kaer Morhen to begin training to become a Witcher herself.

The pictures above are not official releases, as you’ve likely surmised, but were taken by Burst Photos and at least give us some idea of how we can expect Ciri to appear. To be honest, the clearest full image of an excessively blonde young woman doesn’t even look all that much like Freya Allan and could well be her stunt double, with her form-fitting clothing certainly matching the way the heroine would likely be dressed after beginning the physically arduous regime she’s to be put through.

Of course, Ciri is central to The Witcher saga, arguably even more so than Geralt, and as well as the commencement of her battle training and the beginning of her dysfunctional relationship with the titular monster hunter, the upcoming events will also see her starting to unlock her potential as a sorceress that the first season hinted at. Season 2 will not be released until some time next year, but we’ll doubtless be given a better idea of the characters’ looks long before then.