‘Y: The Last Man’ unable to find new home after cancellation

y the last man

Y: The Last Man went through a truly turbulent journey into television, and now fans know there will be no more of it.

The adaptation of the acclaimed comic series aired earlier this year on Hulu, and received mixed reviews before being cancelled in October. The main cause of the concept’s end was said to be the discrepancies between the high budget and low viewing figures. Fans hoped that the show would be able to find a new home, but creator Eliza Clark bore some bad news on Twitter, as you can see below.

In later postings, she went on to thank those who enjoyed the show, and teased what would have happened in a second season. One element which would have been in place was the appearance of male astronauts, from a part of the comic that sees Yorick Brown traveling across a world as the literal last man standing, but with some apparent deviations from the source material.

Comic book adaptations are still Hollywood’s dominant form of visual storytelling, but Y: The Last Man just didn’t catch on with audiences the way the creative team had hoped, a shame for a project that had spent so long stuck in development hell to begin with.