Marvel Reveals What Thor Is Scared Of In New What If…? Episode

Thor, the God of Thunder, is almost fearless. But there are some things that regular people and Gods alike are afraid of.

In episode seven of Marvel’s What If…? series, Thor, who does not have to deal with his conniving and untrustworthy adopted brother Loki in this alternate timeline, is a major partier despite being the prince of Asgard. This is made apparent when he chooses to travel to Earth to throw a huge party for himself, his friends, and many aliens. Even with the efforts of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), Thor continues to do whatever he wishes — until his mom is called.

Jane Foster reaches out to Frigga, the queen of Asgard, to come to Earth and reign in her son. When Frigga visits Thor in a vision, he lies about his real intentions on Earth and instead tells her he was studying on the planet. Not buying it, Frigga announces she will be coming to Earth, which scares Thor enough that he and his party guests join forces to clean up the mess they’ve made just before Frigga arrives.

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It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Thor is afraid of disappointing his mother, considering how high he regarded her while she was queen and after her death. But it is interesting to see an irresponsible side of Thor without the presence of someone like Loki, who often tried to get the upper hand on his older brother when they were growing up.

Episode eight of What If…? will be released on Wednesday, September 29th on Disney Plus.