Zack Snyder Gets Hit With Copyright Claim From DC Over Batman Tweet

Batman v Superman

One of the more unusual subjects of the online discourse over the last couple of weeks has been DC’s decision to step in and prohibit Batman from going down on Catwoman in an episode of HBO Max’s violent, foul-mouthed and R-rated Harley Quinn series, because “heroes don’t do that.”

As Harvey Dent famously said in The Dark Knight; “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. In that case, then, the Caped Crusader being denied a spot of animated cunnilingus could see him spiral out of control and become his own worst enemy given Bruce Wayne’s noted history for being a generous and considerate lover.

All sorts of folks with various ties to the Batman mythos have weighed in on the argument, ranging from Val Kilmer celebrating the 26th anniversary of Batman Forever to Kevin Smith offering his thoughts without mincing his words in the slightest. Zack Snyder also got in on the act, but as you can see below, his original tweet has since been slapped with a copyright claim. Of course, the internet never forgets, so you can see the image in question beneath that.

Snyder hasn’t enjoyed the best of luck working in the DC sandbox over the last few years, having seen Justice League hacked to pieces and released into theaters in unrecognizable form, before spending the next couple trying to convince Warner Bros. and DC Films that his intended vision for the comic book blockbuster was worth making a reality.

The Snyder Cut finally landed this past March and reignited hopes that sequels could follow, but these days DC won’t even allow him to post an image of Batman and Catwoman on social media.