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How Much Does Trevor Wallace Make?

Wallace is finding plenty of work as a comedian and content creator.

Trevor Wallace net worth
Photo via Trevor Wallace/YouTube

YouTube has proven, over the years, to be a stellar launching point for young creators looking to make a career for themselves in comedy. Numerous popular up-and-coming comedians, including Vine’s Danny Gonzales and Drew Gooden, saw their fanbases grow immensely on YouTube before branching out into other career opportunities. Trevor Wallace, another burgeoning comedian, is taking a similar approach by sharing a variety of short, punchy comedy bits to the video-sharing platform.

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Wallace has been making contributions to the internet’s cache of comedy content for years. Since his days on Vine, the 28-year-old creator has added a number of job titles to his resume, including as a writer, improviser, and actor. He shifted from Vine, his primary platform when he was starting out, to YouTube in 2011. Since then, his YouTube channel—aptly titled simply “Trevor Wallace”—has seen consistent uploads, many of which earn view counts in the hundreds of thousands. 

In total, Wallace’s videos have been viewed more than 372 million times. His primary YouTube page has 2.18 million subscribers as of Sept. 2021, and that doesn’t even count in subscribers to his two other channels. Between the “Stiff Socks Podcast,” where Wallace and his partner, Michael Blaustein, share full episodes of their podcast, and “Wrevor Tallace,” where he shares his old Vines and current TikToks, Wallace has an added subscriber count of nearly 55,000. 

Through YouTube ad revenue alone, Wallace earns around $27,000 a month, according to estimates from Net Worth Spot. This adds up to approximately $407,000 a year, from YouTube earnings alone. This enviable annual income has Net Worth Spot estimating that Wallace’s total net worth is pushing $1.7 million, but there are additional earnings that the site doesn’t take into account. 

Wallace has multiple upcoming comedy shows, according to his website. Tickets, the vast majority of which are sold out, typically run between $25 and $45. Between the eight shows he has listed for the next several months alone, that ticket cost quickly adds up. Add to this the income Wallace earns from his merchandise, which varies between hats, hoodies, and tees, and his yearly income gets an additional boost. 

None of this even takes into account any sponsors or partnerships Wallace has taken on over the years. Given his clear popularity, chances are good that at least one brand is interested in riding his rising star, which gives yet another boost to his earnings. Between everything, it seems likely that Wallace’s net worth actually clocks in far closer to Net Worth Spot’s higher estimate of $2.28 million and rising!