Watch – First Trailer For Mecha Anime 86’s Second Season Released

86 was a major success upon its initial release in the Spring 2021 anime season. Based on the light novel series by Asato Asato, its first cour (a quarter of the year) brought in countless viewers to engage with its intense mecha fights that wrapped around a story that discussed the horrors of racism and the danger of othering groups of people.

The series had announced a second cour of the show would be appearing in the Fall 2021 season but had not released further details about it until now. Today, the official website for the show released the first trailer for the second season of the show.

For those who haven’t seen the first season of the show, Yen press, the publisher of the light novel in English, describes the story as follows.

“The Republic of San Magnolia has been attacked by its neighbor, the Empire. Outside the 85 districts of the Republic there is the ‘non-existent 86th district,’ where young men and women continue to fight. Sheen directs the actions of young suicide bombers, while Lena is a “curator” who commands a detachment from a remote rear. The story of the tragic struggle between these two begins!”

The second season of 86 is set to premiere in October. The first season of the anime is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll.