Watch: Restaurant To Another World Season 2’s Trailer Reveals New Character

Restaurant to Another World (known as Isekai Shokudou in Japan) was a surprisingly big hit when it was released all the way back in 2017. It was popular with fans, rated highly on sites like MyAnimeList, and brought a whole new flavor to both the slice-of-life and fantasy genres of anime.

Despite its success, it took four years for the show to have a second season announced. Today on the show’s official website, it was officially announced that the series will begin airing on October 1st for the Fall 2021 anime season. They also dropped a new trailer that features a whole new character for fans to get excited over. Hilda is a demon mercenary based in the capital that is known as a “Night Strider” due to her expert abilities to work in the dark. She looks like a bit of a catgirl which will be exciting for certain fans.

The new trailer also showed off the season’s opening and closing songs, “Onnaji Kimochi” (Same Feeling) and “Samenai Mahō” (Warmed-Over Magic) respectively.

The show has a lot of new staff going forward into its second season as well. While Masato Jinbo of Chaos;Child fame is set to return as director, Yasukazu Shoji is replacing the two previous character designers for the show. They’re even changing the animation studio for the series, with OLM taking over for SILVER LINK.

It is likely that Crunchyroll will stream the series as it airs with Funimation airing the dub as they have done with the series previously. The anime will premiere on TV Tokyo and will also air on on TV Osaka and AT-X.