How Much Does JonTron Make?

JonTron net worth
Photo via JonTronShow/YouTube

Remember Newgrounds? Internet users who’ve been traversing the web for more than a decade or so will remember the entertainment website well. It’s still around today, but doesn’t boast nearly the popularity it claimed in its heyday. 

One of the former contributors to this artsy flash-animation website is JonTron, an American comedian and content creator who has since turned to YouTube. On the immensely popular video-sharing website, Jontron⏤whose real name is Jonathan Aryan Jafari⏤has collected more than 6.65 million subscribers for his channel, titled the “JonTronShow.” The channel has rocketed in popularity in recent years, as have several of his related channels, including “JonTronLoL,” which has a whopping 20.7 million subscribers.

JonTron’s videos, which typically see the creator digging into internet drama, sharing his comedic take on current events, or playing a variety of games, typically get view counts between 2 million and 15 million. In total, his videos⏤some of which have been around since his channel launched in 2010⏤have more than 1 billion views. Even his oldest uploads, most of which see him trying his hand at streaming games, have view counts in the low millions.

Over the years, JonTron has taken part in a number of lucrative career ventures. He has collaborated with some of YouTube’s biggest channels, including h3h3 productions and Did You Know Gaming. He started a Let’s Play series titled “Game Grumps” with animator Egoraptor, whose real name is Arin Joseph Hanson, and has provided voice-over work for several games, including “A Hat in Time” and “Yooka-Laylee.”

The 31-year-old YouTuber has transformed his talent for content creation into monetary returns. Thanks to the ad revenue his YouTube uploads earn, JonTron boasts a relatively high monthly income. According to estimations from What’s Their Net Worth, JonTron makes approximately $12,500 monthly from his YouTube earnings alone. Weekly, he makes nearly $3,000, which translates to around $150,000 annually. His income has generally trended upward over the last five years or so. Back in 2016, JonTron earned an estimated $153,500. Since then, he has built on those annual returns to make more than double that amount in 2020, when he earned right around $258,000.

His consistent YouTube income has earned JonTron a net worth of around $2.2 million. His overall net worth may in fact be a bit higher than this, thanks to the multiple other avenues⏤including with collaborations and via Twitch⏤through which he earns money.