How Much Does Mark Rober Make?

Mark Rober
Photo via Mark Rober/YouTube

It’s rare to find a YouTuber with a career as illustrious as Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer turned content creator. The former NASA employee has made a name for himself on YouTube through his explorative science videos as well as his brilliantly engineered pranks, inventions, and experiments. 

There are few YouTube channels with the diversity offered by Rober’s. His page features a wide range of scientifically-oriented uploads ranging from legitimately informative to just plain entertaining. He has tested sharks’ ability to “smell” blood, pitched ideas for the “perfect” egg drop experiment, and provided advice on everything from “how to survive a grenade blast” to “how to measure how much pee is in your pool.” He even went viral a few years ago after his brilliant deterrent for package thieves caught the eye of the internet.

Rober has turned this success of his YouTube channel, simply titled “Mark Rober,” into a legitimately lucrative career. The 41-year-old YouTuber shifted from a nine-year career at NASA—during which he worked on the Curiosity rover—to a four-year stint at Apple working as a product designer. His career path eventually led him to YouTube, where he has earned a solid following from those with an interest in engineering and its various real-life applications.

Rober’s channel currently has 19.8 million subscribers and will be crossing the 20 million threshold any day now. He’s been making uploads to the platform for just under a decade, with his oldest videos offering odd and interesting “how-tos” and experiments. His videos have earned a staggering view count in the billions, with some individual uploads collecting tens of millions of views all on their own. 

His dedication to his YouTube channel has earned Rober an income in the millions as well. He pulls in more than $1 million a year and has an estimated net worth that falls between $4 million and $6 million according to Net Worth Spot. These estimations only account for the revenue Rober makes from his YouTube channel, which typically sees more than 580,000 views per day. That puts his earnings from ad revenue around $70,000 per month, an enviable number for any YouTube creator. 

Rober likely made a solid income during his time at NASA and Apple, but neither job earned him quite as much as he’s making now on a monthly basis. Thankfully, he used the experience he gained in both positions to fuel his creative fire, resulting in a stellar and informative YouTube channel that the world can enjoy for years to come.