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Is Markiplier starting an OnlyFans?

Is the popular YouTuber really headed to OnlyFans?

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Move over, YouTube, there’s a new platform on the market, and its more popular than ever.

OnlyFans has been seducing an ever-growing swathe of YouTubers onto its subscription service, where they can upload and profit off of a range of content. The service is predominantly used by sex workers, providing them with a service on which to produce pornographic material, but its purposes stretch far beyond the salacious.

Rumors that YouTube favorite Markiplier might be making the move to OnlyFans swept through the 33-year-old’s fandom, hyping up his fanbase and supplying the rumor mill with plenty of gossip fodder. The popular YouTuber sparked the rumors himself, following an upload in which he promised to create an OnlyFans account if certain conditions were met by his user base.

Is Markiplier headed to OnlyFans?

Markiplier’s fanbase imploded in mid-October after the creator uploaded a 3 minute, 20 second video to his channel. The video, titled “I Will Start an Only Fans…” quickly racked up views, as his followers worked to determine which conditions needed to be met to see their favorite YouTuber in a very different light.

Markiplier’s YouTube fare typically consists of video game streams and random silly moments with Mark and his friends. The OnlyFans tease won’t be his first venture into racy content, however. Despite his typically-tame content, Markiplier has ventured into smutty territory before, when he released a calendar chock-full of “tasteful nudes” back in 2018. All of the proceeds from this venture went to charity, according to Markiplier, and he has a similar system in mind for his OnlyFans.

According to his announcement video, Markiplier intends to also donate the entirety of his OnlyFans proceeds to charity. He’ll only do so under specific circumstances, however, which rely heavily on his followers.

The first condition laid out by Markiplier involves the podcast he runs with fellow content creators Wade Barnes and Bob Muyskens. If his listeners tune into “Distractible” with enough frequency to push it up on the Spotify and Apple Podcast rankings, the first of his conditions will be met. He’s not just looking for a boost in numbers, however. He’s looking to see the podcast unseat Joe Rogan at the top of both popular streaming services. Mark is requiring that his podcast reaches the top of both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, simultaneously, or he’ll consider the condition unmet.

The second of Markiplier’s conditions also revolves around podcasts. The gravelly-voiced YouTuber also has a sports-themed podcast with his buddy Tyler, and he’s demanding that his followers make “Go! My Favorite Sports Team” the “number one sports podcast in America—and the world.”

While these conditions won’t be easy to meet, they are Markiplier’s only requirements to grace his fans with OnlyFans content. Links to both podcasts are available in the description of his announcement video, making the task of tracking them down even easier.

If the conditions laid out above aren’t met, Mark promises that the world has seen the last of his tasteful nudes. If they are, however, he’s backed himself into a racy corner. His fans will be expecting some indecent Markiplier content, and the creator will have no choice but to deliver.

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